C-22 / C-29 Casing Spools

C-22 / C-29 Casing Spools
C-22 / C-29 Casing Spools
C-22 / C-29 Casing Spools
C-22 / C-29 Casing Spools

The C-22 / C-29 Casing Spool are a straight bore bowl with 45° landing shoulder design. Bottom preparation can be the PE/BG as in the picture,“OO” bottom ( for below 5000 psi application) or double "P" seal bottom. The BG preparation allows the use of reducer bushings "PE" (Pressure Energized). Outlets are normally threaded; optional studded / flanged outlets are available.
C-29 Casing Spools are based on the same reliable design as the C-22 with exception that the bowl is longer. This permits the acceptance of the C-29 casing hanger with larger load capacity for deeper drilling.


Product Information
Versatile straight-bore design, uses a 45° landing shoulder
Accepts a wide variety of slip and mandrel casing hangers
C-22-BP / C-29-BP has a additional lock screws for Bowl protection.
C-22-L/C-29-L allows use of lock screws to retain hanger
3 different types of outlets: Line pipe, Flanged (Studded) Padded and Extended flanged outlets.
Multiple bottom sealing type, such as: PE/BG bottom, OO bottom and double "P" seal bottom.

Size: 11" ~ 13-5/8"

Working Medium:Oil、Gas、Mud、Gas containing H2S and CO2

Working Temperature: -46℃~121℃

Working Pressure: 2000 ~ 5000psi 

Material Level: AA/DD, BB/EE, CC/FF,HH

PR: 1 ~ 2 

PSL: 1 ~ 3